“Career On-line” Employment Assistance Programme
for ethnic minority residents in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Employment Development Service (HKEDS) began in mid 2002. By taking over the employment-related services of Hong Kong Council of Social Service in April 2003, HKEDS has been continuously providing quality employment counselling, job placement and vocational training in various industries to those in need.   “Career On-line” is one of the employment assistance programmes of HKEDS aimed at providing necessary support to the ethnic minority residents to reach their career goals and to integrate into the local labour market.

Service target:
Non-Chinese residents in Hong Kong, including Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Vietnamese, Burman, Thai, Indonesian etc.

Service content:
  • Career and employment counselling
  • Employment assessment
  • Labour market orientation
  • Interview preparation
  • Employment related trainings/ workshops
  • Job referral/ placement
  • Post-placement services

Service Application and Withdrawal:
  • Applicants are required to make the appointment by phone prior to the meetings, then bring along your Hong Kong Identity Card, passport (or any personal identification document applicable) upon the meeting date(s).
  • Participants may withdraw the service on their own or upon a progress review by the placement officer
All Services are free of charge

Program sponsored by: The Community Chest

Contact Us:

Hong Kong Employment Development Service
Address: Unit 4, 16/F, Prosperity Centre, 982 Canton Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Tel.: 3165 8870
Fax.:3165 8474
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